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...not only cappelletti. Also confectionary and gastronomy.

La Casa dei Cappelletti still offers products which preserve unchanged the characteristics of genuineness that bears witness to the ancient experience of the Piedmontese pasta maker.
Today, the pursuit of Quality has also expanded to the field of gastronomy and confectionary, to propose to consumers an increasingly wide range of unique recipes. Inimitable.

The delight for the palate? ...

Enjoying a genuine, good and traditional product!

guido violino fondatore

Relying on a tradition that has lasted for eighty years now, La Casa dei Cappelletti can be considered by full right a reference point of Turin's art of cooking.

The best recognition to its founder, Guido Violino, is the testimony of all those who go on appreciating the goodness of its qualified production over time.

Although it has now reached the size of a real industry, La Casa dei Cappelletti persists in maintaining its policy typical of a small handicraft business, proudly preserving some processes which can only be justified by the love for one's craft... and the delight of the most refined palates, which do not go well with "prefabricated tastes".